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Property Auction Faux Pas

UK-property-auctionA property auction is a good place for you to check on good investment opportunities. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is possible for you to win a bid that costs less than the actual current market value or selling price of a property. Yes, you’ve read that right.

What makes it possible to get fixed assets at a rate lower than their actual cost lies in the purpose of the sellers or brokers putting it up for bid. When the market is immensely saturated and demands for a property decreases or when the economy is slow and limp, owners jump into other methods to negotiate a sale even if such does not create huge returns. They’ll do it to avoid losses. The same also happens for those properties that got foreclosed by banks or similar other financial institutions. They want to make the sale as fast as they can so that they can recover from the unmet obligations of their debtors and liquidate the asset. This is good news for buyers like me and you.

Unfortunately, these auctions are not exactly letter perfect. It is still possible for bidders and buyers to commit mistakes and suffer losses and/or consequences in the process. These are suffered when you commit the following faux pas or mistakes.

Failure to establish a spending limit – Before heading out to the auction, establish the maximum amount that you should spend. Never go overboard and see to it that you have such amount on hand.

Lack of property survey and research – Be aware of how certain assets are priced depending on a combination of characteristics and features. Not everyone in the auction is willing to get a low amount. It’s best to keep abreast and avoid being fooled.

Bidding without experience – Before you actually bid, see to it that you attend auctions first and observe. Learn the ropes beforehand and don’t jump out of the plane without a parachute. It’s fatal.

Relying on seller and brokers alone – As mentioned earlier, you need to research and check on the asset first before bidding for it. Sellers, brokers and owners will do their best to make a profit generating sale, the bigger the better. So if you rely on every word they say, you might find yourself at a disadvantage.

Unprepared finances and resources – Keep in mind that you cannot just bid. You must first have your finances and resources available and at the ready before you head out to any property auction.

How to Authenticate Diamonds

diamondsBuying diamond jewelry, may this be rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, is not something to be surprised about anymore. It is true that accessories like this are not cheap but today’s times are a far cry from the previous centuries. Precious metals and gemstones do not signify royalty and noble status alone anymore. Today, they hold a very good position in terms of fashion too. But if you want to make a purchase, you better be wise and smart about it. You don’t want to realize that you spent bucks on cheap glass right? Luckily, is here to help us authenticate diamonds. Are you ready? Well you better be!

There are many ways on how to prove the authenticity of the gemstone. Let’s tackle them one by one.


Hold the jewelry between your fingers making sure that the stone is equally exposed. Slowly breathe on it. Diamonds are known to be great heat conductors so any amount of moisture or fogging will not last for more than two to four seconds. If the fog stays longer or if it doesn’t go away, it could be some other precious mineral or worse plain cheap glass.


The light refraction of diamonds tends to be really high making them impossible to magnify print or small details. To help authenticate one, put it on top of a newspaper or any fine print. If you can read through it or at least see some lines and details then you might be looking at a fake.


Find any source of light and hold it up to it. Be sure that you are staring at the top portion. Do you see its base through this position? If you do, it can be fake. Also check on the color it reflects within when light hits it. Real diamonds tend to have more grays in the spectrum.


Find any piece of glass and scratch it with your jewelry. If you see a scrape, it’s real. Remember that these stones can easily do this to other metals and gems. At the same time look at it up close. Does it have any scrapes itself? If there are then you better be careful. Only a diamond can scratch another.

METHOD 5: GET A CERTIFICATE would like to stress that a strong evidence of validity would be a Certificate of Authenticity. Admit it. Not everyone is skilled or knowledgeable enough to do this and the aforementioned methods do have their limits. It’s best to be sure so the expertise of professionals would be very useful.

What to Do Before Purchasing Platinum Rings for Men

Platinum rings for men are one of the many tried, tested and ever so classic pieces to give to the important men in your life: brother, father, partner or friend. Name it and these accessories would be a perfect fit. But just like all your other purposes, this has to be dealt with and pursued accordingly. You don’t want to end up getting the wrong item and blowing the surprise and the gift’s essence with it. What does one have to do beforehand then to ensure that you only pick the best?

  1. diamond mens ringThink it through and match his personality. – There are many pieces to buy as a gift for your guy. You need to think it over first if this would be a perfect for his personality. Not many men out there actually fancy having a ring on apart from the usual college and wedding pieces. You want to make sure that they will actually wear it and that your purchase would not be put in vain.
  2. Know what his preferences are. – You also have to know what he likes from what he doesn’t like. This way you would avoid buying something that they wouldn’t be too happy about. You want to make them genuinely happy. We all know the feeling of getting a present and smiling to show our gratitude to whoever gifted it but at the end of the day we look at the item and ponder whether you would actually use it or not.
  3. Pick a suitable stone. – The good thing about platinum rings is that they are so versatile that they would complement any hue and therefore any gemstone. Pick one that will suit your guy. It can be a stone that they like, one with a symbolic meaning or one that is of a colour that they like the most.
  4. Remember your budget. – We all have to work with an amount because not all of us are lucky to be millionaires. Determine your maximum spending limit and also see to it that you actually have money saved up and allotted for this purchase.
  5. Find quality and reputable sellers. – Only purchase platinum rings for men from trusted and reputable sellers, shops and jewellers who are known to deliver quality in both products and services. This will require you to do some research and go ask around for recommendations.

Diamond Solitaire Ring Designs to Choose From

Solitaire rings have become all the rage these days all thanks to their upsurge in popularity back in the day. Even up until now, their charm holds and cements itself in people’s hearts. So whether you’re buying it for yourself, as a present or maybe because you’re planning to pop the question then you better know what diamond solitaire ring designs are available for you. When it comes to this beautiful eloquent and sparkly jewelry, it is fairly easy to get overwhelmed with your options. We’ll discuss four factors that various designs have. Take a look and scroll down.


What metal is the stone being set into? You can choose from gold, silver, rose gold and the list goes on. The number of carats should also be considered here. The most popular choice is often gold but you should consider not only your budget but what metal looks best against your skin. Some people look better with gold, some with silver while others have both metals flatter their complexion.


There are many cuts that a stone may have. The very characteristic of diamond solitaire rings is the fact that instead of having many stones set, there is only one in it. This is why it has been called solitaire in the first place, because of its solitary stone. But what makes a diamond beautiful would have to be its cut. This refers to the small intricate facades from which the sparkles are made possible. The better the cut then the more lustrous it is. There are varied cuts available in the market today. There is the round, princess, oval, marquise, pear shaped, cushion, emerald, asscher, radiant and heart cuts to name a few.

diamond solitaire ringTHE SIZE

The size is also a crucial element here. Oftentimes the bigger the stone the more the jewelry is valued. However the size of the item will depend on your preferences.


Lastly, there are other details that you might want to consider. How many prongs or claws do you want? These are those small metal claws that hold the stone secure. Do you want the ring to have engravings? Do you want them to be design details or do you want a name or date engraved in it? Remember that even the smallest details count.

So which among the diamond solitaire ring designs do you fancy the most?

Meanings and Symbolisms Behind Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond solitaire rings are no doubt considered one of the classic and highly popular jewelry pieces of its kind. It has a certain charm and magic to it. In fact, it is up until now the most famous choice when it comes to engagement rings. However it is important to remember that they too can be bought personally or as a present that is not necessarily for purposes of union and marriage. It can be for a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion. A diamond solitaire ring is basically characterized by a solitary stone set unto a precious metal oftentimes in gold, platinum or silver. Some have small stones while others boast of huge ones. As is the case mostly, the quality is determined by the 4 Cs  of Diamond that stand for clarity (the presence or absence of blemishes internal or external to the diamond), color (diamonds can also come in other hues like yellow, pink, brown and blue), carat weight, the mass or heaviness of the stone itself, and cut which refers to the many facets that help the diamond sparkle and shine. Like all the other gemstones and jewelries, the said diamond solitaire rings have their own set of meanings and symbolisms, Diamond experts shares with us the following:

  • diamond solitaire ringThey symbolize faithfulness and love which makes them a popular gift for engagements, marriages and other occasions involving couples. Additionally, a solitaire stone is meant to represent “one” meaning that the giver vows to love and treat the other as his one and only.
  • Because of their excellent crystal clarity they are also bound to symbolize purity and innocence as well as honesty, faith and trustworthiness. Again this makes them the perfect choice for couples because the above traits are needed in order to strengthen ties and relationships.
  • Additionally, they are believed to spark creativity, innovativeness and inventiveness in individuals. This is highly attributed to their sparkle and calming soothing effect.
  • Because they are the hardest and strongest of all the precious stones that only a diamond can scratch another and they are impermeable to fire, they signify power, strength as well as never ending beauty.
  • For the Romans diamonds were splinters of fallen stars while for the Greeks they were tears of the gods from Olympus.
  • Also, they were regarded as a healing stone during the ancient times and were believed to help detoxify anyone poisoned and allow extreme emotions to settle and calm down.

Diamond solitaire rings can in fact bear different symbolisms and meanings to people but if you are gifting one then they are bound to mean love.

How to Take Care of Your Blue Topaz Rings While on Vacation

Blue topaz rings are such a beauty. We could all agree on that. And because we love them so much, many of us are sure fire guilty of exposing them a tad bit too much. While there is no harm about being proud of your engagement to your fiancé, putting it in cases where external factors can potentially hurt it can be both damaging and painful. Perhaps, one of the many cases where this very thing happens is when one is on vacation. Yes, you can hurt your ring during a trip or an R&R.

So the question pops into your head. How can I take care of my blue topaz ring while I’m on vacation? You’re in luck as we’ve got a dashing list of tips that you will surely find handy.

blue topaz ringTIP # 1: Be sure to bring with you a storage device. It can be a small pouch or even a tiny jewelry box. Whatever it is be sure that the inner lining is made of soft fabric or material and the outer area of a sturdy and durable material that won’t easily tear or break when tugged or dropped.

TIP # 2: Avoid wearing it when going for a dip in the pool or the beach. It is not advisable to wear any kind of jewelry when going for a swim. The reason is because of chlorine and sun. The chlorine in the pool although at a healthy and safe level can cause some dullness and tarnishing. Chemicals have a certain reaction with gemstones like diamonds and topaz. Likewise, exposure to too much heat and sun can fade their brilliance which isn’t something to be happy about.

TIP # 3: Take them off when doing something really active or sporty. Does your vacation involve some amount of water sports, kayaking, trekking, hiking or anything like these? If so then better leave your ring safe in its container at your hotel’s safe box. Although diamonds are one of the hardest minerals on earth, a strong blow may not break it but it can sure knock it off from its metal setting.

In order to keep your blue topaz rings at their prime beauty, proper care and handling is necessary. Follow those three easy and simple tips and you’d be good to go and enjoy your vacation.

Diamond Deals Online Tutorial: Taking Care of Jewelry During Travel

As much as taking care and cleaning your jewelry is important, so is making sure that they receive TLC while you travel. Whether you are jet setting, hopping on a boat or going on a long road drive, there are things for you to remember and do regarding your jewelry and insure that they will remain intact, pristine, beautiful and glistening. Below are expert tips from London’s on taking care of your jewelry during a travel or vacation.

  1. travel jewelry caseMore is not always the merrier. – If you are travelling do not attempt to bring your entire collection.  It is even best to plan your wardrobe and accessories ahead so you will only handpick a select few to bring.
  2. A handy jewelry case keeps them safe. – Find a bag, a purse or a case that has enough divisions or compartments in it. Never stash and toss them all up in one bag as they could easily tangle. Plus putting them all in one place makes it easy to locate them. No more searching your entire bag just to find where you threw in your diamond earrings.
  3. List them all up and take a snap. – Make sure to do a list of all the jewelry items you bring and if possible take a picture. It can be a little notebook, on your planner or even in your smart phones and tablets. This will help you later on when you’re packing back for home and will ensure that nothing gets left behind.
  4. Place them inside your carry on. – Never check in your jewelry. Lost and misplaced baggage is common and even if they are not you would not want to risk it.
  5. Remove them as you take a dip. – Regardless if you are on a swimming pool or by the beach, do not wear your jewelry may they be gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, amethyst and the list goes on. Too much sun exposure can dull gemstones like amethysts and sapphires. Chlorine in the pool is an abrasive and will lessen luster and shine plus it can set the stone loose.
  6. No to sunscreen, make-up and perfume. – When applying sunscreen, lotion, moisturizers, putting on make-up or spritzing perfume, be sure that you do not have your jewelry on. Contact with certain chemicals can damage them and yes sunscreen, make-up and perfume included.
  7. Keep them locked up in the safe. – When you go out of your hotel room, Diamond Deals Online strictly reminds us to never leave them in your bag, inside your suitcase or worse atop the bed or table. Hotels provide their guests with safe boxes so make use of them and store your precious jewelries there.

Items in Your Home that Could Damage Your Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring

Everyone loves their platinum diamond solitaire ring  and why won’t you? It’s a symbol of love and passion encased in a beautiful sparkling lustrous stone set on precious metal and slipped into your ring finger. To top it all off, it came from someone really special and close to your heart so it is but second nature to take care of it. Unfortunately many of us do not know that there are items in our home that can harm them. So you better read on, gain knowledge and avoid having your jewelry damaged by the following home items:

Item # 1: BLEACH – There’s a reason why you have to wear gloves when using bleach either for cleaning or to create an ombre on your DIY shorts and shirts. This common household chemical can be harsh and it can surely dull any gemstone’s sparkle and at the same time set it loose. When you have to deal with bleach, remove your platinum diamond solitaire ring  .

platinum diamond solitaire ringItem # 2: LAUNDRY DETERGENT – Likewise laundry detergent can be harsh on them and practically most cleaning chemicals except for mild detergents and hand soaps. When you have to wash the dishes, do your laundry, clean the bathroom and all that be sure to keep your ring in a safe place that’s not your fingers.

Item # 3: PERFUME – Oh yes who doesn’t love a good dose of perfume right? But before you spritz one be sure that you have no ring, necklace, earing or bracelet on. Although perfume chemicals can be friendly to your clothes and skin they might not be for your precious stones.

Item # 4: RUBBING ALCOHOL – The same holds true for rubbing alcohol. Indeed they kill off and fight germs and bacteria but they too can harm a ring’s luster and shine. If you want to clean your platinum diamond solitaire ring   avoid using rubbing alcohol. Use lukewarm water and mild hand or dishwashing soap instead.

Item # 5: HAIRPSRAY – As much as perfume is dangerous, so are hairsprays so do be sure to not have your gemstone while you are doing your hair.

Item # 6: MAKEUP – As a rule of thumb according to many jewelers, wear your accessories last and remove them first. This is the best way to keep them from getting any perfume, hairspray or makeup getting in contact with them.

Item # 7: CHLORINE – Chlorine in its original form used for cleaning or those found in your swimming pool is also unhealthy for your diamond rings. They serve as

Item # 8: TOOTHPASTE – Did you know that toothpaste also serve as an abrasive and can harm your diamond solitaire ring  s? Yes they do so be sure to not use it for cleaning or have your jewelry on when brushing your teeth.